The Smart Specialisation Strategy guides the development cooperation models based on the needs of the companies and other end users and the utilisation of RDI networks that strengthen the priorities.
The development of business-based cooperation models involves, for example, cluster activities. Lapland’s smart specialisation clusters are to be subject to the following criteria:

  • The development of cluster operations to orient them to business requires that companies are involved in the cluster whose participation can be verified (by, e.g. partnership agreements)
  • The cluster should have a duly appointed director
  • The cluster should have a strategy and execution plan
  • The cluster must generate a minimum of two activities per year for its members (events, services, production of information, etc.)
  • In the management of the cluster and in planning activities and services, business needs should be taken into account
  • The cluster should maintain regular dialogue and co-operation between the cluster’s actors (especially companies)
  • The cluster must have its own website and provide a clear, practically attainable description of what the cluster offers
  • The cluster’s operations are to be evaluated on a regular basis

Circular Economy Center

The Circular Economy Center is at the heart of the green transition, energy revolution, and industrial circular economy.

The Circular Economy Center aims to enable a new kind of business based on the circular economy through proactive actions. The circular economy requires new partnerships and networks involving multiple companies. It is natural that the Circular Economy Center acts as a connector and enabler of the circular economy locally in Lapland, nationally, and internationally.

Success has not been accidental; the Circular Economy Center has been systematically built over the years through close collaboration with various stakeholders, nationally within the network of the eco-industrial parks, and internationally within the Circular Economy EU Alliance. An example of this work is the Silver Label awarded to the Circular Economy Center. The goal is for the Circular Economy Center, representing the Lapland industrial circular economy cluster, to aspire to Gold Label-level activities in the future.

The operations and development of the Circular Economy Center are overseen by the Director of the Circular Economy Center, Tuomas Pussila, in collaboration with various stakeholders.

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