International Partnerships

Smart Specialisation Thematic Platforms are international networks that support the implementation of regional smart specialisation strategies. There are four platforms: Agri-food, Energy, Sustainable Blue Economy and Industrial Modernisation, and each platform has numerous sub-themes or partnerships. These partnerships bring together regions that share common development themes in their smart specialisation strategies. The European Commission does not separately finance partnerships, but supports them with expert services provided by S3 Community of Practice. In addition, partnerships have the opportunity to seek funding for their internal projects from EU funding instruments.

For European regions, partnerships offer not only access to European networks and cooperation projects, but also, among other things, visibility, the opportunity to identify regional expertise, peer evaluation and sharing experiences.

Lapland is involved in seven thematic smart specialisation partnerships, in four of them as a leading partner. In Finland, the regional councils coordinate cooperation related to the platforms and are responsible for joining the platforms.

Lapland is involved in the following thematic smart specialisation partnerships:

S3P Energy

S3P Industrial Modernisation 

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