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As the name suggests, the smart specialisation strategy aims for regional specialisation – the kind of development activity that differentiates us from other regions nationally and internationally. The strategy has been built taking into account the needs of Lapland’s leading industries, and the strategy partly guides the region’s research, development and innovation (R&D) investments in the current EU funding period. In Lapland, we implement smart specialisation under the joint Arctic Smartness brand.


What is smart specialisation

  1. Smart specialisation requires identifying region´s strengths and directing development investments ti them. is therefore a tool for directing research and innovation activities in the region.
  2. Smart specialisation is therefore a tool for directing research and innovation activities in the region. It’s about making smart choices.
  3. The implementation of the strategy emphasises strong regional cooperation. Growth based on innovations is aimed for, and this can be achieved with increased collaboration between RDI organisations, businesses, and civil society.
  4. International networks and collaboration are also used in the creation of the strategy’s priorities and the acquisition of new expertise, in addition to regional networks.

Explore the priorities and objectives of smart specialisation

Arctic Smartness clusters

The Smart Specialisation Strategy guides the development cooperation models based on the needs of the companies and other end users and the utilisation of RDI networks that strengthen the priorities.The development of business-based cooperation models involves, for example, cluster activities.

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S3 Thematic Partnerships

Lapland is involved in eight European thematic partnerships for smart specialisation. For European regions, partnerships offer not only access to European networks and cooperation projects, but also, visibility, the opportunity to identify regional expertise, peer evaluation and sharing experiences.


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